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Dynamic defense scheme of cyber attack using AI

Solutions using AI to prevent internal leakage in advance

Development of original block chain ensuring anonymity and security

We live in the real world everyday.
However, the AI and IoT era is coming and another space in the world is becoming widespread is society. That is cyber space. Currently cyber space securities is insufficient, and there is an urgent need for complete cyber security. We propose a new way of thinking about cyber security. A new kind of security utilizing AI. That is the Jupiter Project.


A project team of industry-academia cooperation that understands state-of-the-art technology and market

Project leader Manabu Matuda Former financial bureaucracy The University of Tokyo Graduate School Visiting Professor Matsuda Policy Research Institute Representative Visiting researcher at Japan Institute for National Fundamentals Vice President of Association for Policy Sociences He is also on the TV and radio as the leading character of cyber security basic law creation, leading authority
Secondary leader Yukihito Sawada BOB inc CEO
The current position after Government official, Aircraft maker, Research company, Management consulting company, Red Cross Blood Center, etc.
Executive advisor Hidetoshi Itoh ・Stanford graduate degree graduate
・McKinsey & Company Management Strategy Consulting
・IBM headquarters(Corporate Venture Capital Investment Committee)
・TSE 1 part Future Former Director and Managing Executive Officer
・TSE 1 part Forval Former Vice President
・Former Visiting Professor at Waseda University Business School
・Och-ziff Capital Management(NYSE) Former Adviser
・Olympus Capital Former senior advisor
・SIPL Co., Ltd. CEO Economic Association member
・Stanford Bitcoin Club member
Sales manager Zenju Kazama Tokyo Electron Limited Former vice president
Representative of Industrial Revitalization Laboratory


Organization strategy consultant Seiji Hashimoto Born January 30, 1979
Support business development and capability building
ITconsultant Hosei Tokitsu Born September 29, 1983
Construction of business systems in general from systems for users of electric power and communication systems.
Agile development project leader A lot of results. IT consultant.
Marketing manager Hiroki Soga Born on March 1, 1973
Representative director of InfoBank Networks Co., Ltd.
He has a proven track record in developing and implementing sales and marketing strategies, brand strategies and business strategies for clients such as strategic consultants, cosmetics, apparel, foods, beverages, retailers, and other consumer goods and distribution industries, IT and communications clients.
There have been achievements of more than 200 new business launches. Starburst Co., Ltd. Representative Director Strategic IT optimization support, ICT solution, AI system open as IT consultant, RPA software development, introduction support, etc.
Lawyer Daisuke Miyazaki Graduated from Hitotsubashi University School of Law Graduated from Chuo University Law School 1998 Tokyo Bar Association secretariat entry 2004 Retired the Tokyo Bar Association Secretariat to enter the Law School · 2008 Registered as a lawyer and entered Central Law Firm · 2012 Admitted to Sano General Law Firm
Chief Supervisor about M&A Hidenori Ueki Head of M & A
Hidenori Ueki
・Independent Entrepreneur STAR GATES executive director
・Director of BOB Corporation
・Concurrently serves as an officer of multiple others



  • Approach

    The Jupiter project is a security business. Now it is said that the world is under wartime in cyber terrorism. Our project protects companies from the two perspectives of cyber terrorism threat to external security and internal leakage.
    In turn, we will deliver our security system to the whole world and create safer and more secure lives.
    You can also create a central monitoring center (system-on-a-chip, SOC) in the area, cultivate hackers, and contribute to the expansion of employment in each country and region.

    To the coming IT society, people around the world must think about security. The Jupiter project becomes the trigger and the cornerstone.

  • Vision

    In this Jupiter project, while specializing in the block chain, We will develop and disseminate a framework that provides comprehensive security including it.

    Even a national organization frequently receives cyber attacks and has leaked information.
    In order to deal with new cyber attacks such as targeted attacks that continue to be sophisticated and complex every day, it is necessary to deeply acknowledge how to deal with targeted attacks and respond to countermeasures (or corresponding instructions) It is necessary to do.
    The reason why our project is still necessary now will be obvious if we look at the above.

  • Consept

    Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system.
    It is 1,300 times bigger than the Earth and absorbs the meteoric that falls on the solar system with its powerful attraction.
    Indeed, saying that it is the keeper of the solar system, it protects the earth.

    Our project also gave me the name "Jupiter" with the meaning of society's guard from the meaning of protecting society by cyber security.


To bring the best technology to the world

Financing with ICO

Development and dissemination of the world's largest security framework

Aim for procurement of about 35 billion yen at ICO

Acquisition of security company

We devise infrastructure for security backup and introduce our own technology

Development and dissemination of security framework JUPITER

Utilizing the procured funds, develop the world's leading cyber security technologies and spread to companies at any time


We are currently negotiating about listing with global exchanges. It is scheduled to be listed around the summer of 2018.


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Hard caps 35,000,000,000JPI
JPI purchase limit number of sheets -
Token issue limit number 70,000,000,000JPI
Maximum purchase per capita -
Amount per JPI Amount per JPI
Name period
Whitelist registration period Until finishing sales
KYC period 4/20~6/12
Token sale period 5/7~6/12
Issuing a token
Assigned to Ratio
Cloud sales 50%
Advisor 23%
JPI team 7%
Reserve 20%


Using AI and block chain technology, we will construct a system to protect enterprises from two perspectives: cyber security and internal leakage (human injury). In addition, the aim is to protect the safety and security of people's lives around the world.

We will inform you on the official website or Telegram, Twitter as soon as we decide.
Telegram Japanese URL: https://t.me/Jupiter _ JP
Telegram English URL: https: //t.me/jupiter_ENG
Twitter Japanese URL: https: //twitter.com/JupiterToken
Twitter English URL: https: //twitter.com/en_JupiterToken

If you wish to purchase, please contact us from the telegram. I will guide you on how to purchase.
Telegram Japanese URL: https://t.me/Jupiter _ JP
Telegram English URL: https: //t.me/jupiter_ENG
Pre-sale period: until 6th May, 2018
Token sale period: -

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We will inform you separately.
We will guide you through the official homepage dedicated SNS as soon as the time of distribution is finalized.
Telegram Japanese URL: https://t.me/Jupiter _ JP
Telegram English URL: https: //t.me/jupiter_ENG
Twitter Japanese URL: https: //twitter.com/JupiterToken
Twitter English URL: https: //twitter.com/en_JupiterToken

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