Jupiter Project

The World Strongest Security for All

Three Technologies of Jupiter

  1. Dynamic defense of cyber attack using artificial intelligence.
  2. Automatic prevention of internal leakage.
  3. Original Blockchain with High Anonymity and Hard Defense.

Trust the encryption currency.

  1. 2018/4/20 Jupiter Project Meet Up in Moscow
  2. As of April 17, 2018 Announcement concerning WEB page · White paper 
  3. 2018/4/28 Jupiter Project Meet Up in Tokyo
  4. 2018/4/22 Jupiter Project Meet Up in Taipei
  5. 3/29, 30 Meetup dinner will be held in Seoul Korea
  6. 3/11 Jupiter (Jupiter) Project presentation event held

Jupiter Team

A project team of industry-academia collaboration
that understands state-of-the-art technology and market.

· Former Finance Bureaucracy
· Visiting professor, The University of Tokyo
· Matsuda Policy Research Institute Representative
· Visiting researcher at National Institute of Basic Problems
· Vice President of Policy Society Association
· The center person in the cyber security basic law creation, also on the radio as the leading person

· BOB Corporation
Representative director

· After going through national civil servants, aircraft manufacturers, research companies, management consulting companies, Red Cross Blood Center, etc.

· Graduated from Stanford graduate school
· McKinsey & Company Management Strategy Consulting
· IBM Headquarters (Corporate Venture Capital Investment Committee)
· TSE 1st Section Future Director and Managing Executive Officer
· TSE 1st Section Fobal Vice President
· Visiting Professor, Waseda University School of Management
· Och-ziff Capital Management (NYSE) Advisor
· Olympus Capital Senior Advisor
· President of SIPL Co., Ltd. Economic Association member
· Stanford Bitcoin Club Members

· Tokyo Electron's former vice president
· Industry Revitalization Laboratory Representative

Jupiter Project

The most valuable thing in this world is information. All people act on information. Since humans are fighting various battles in a competitive society, confidentiality of information becomes important. Regardless of the times, importance of information is important from ancient times. As a result, the taxi family who carried out "the fortune-tellinger of the future information" had a high social status and carried out "the development of the information network based on mail delivery", became the first aristocrat. It is security to safely manage the valuable information. It is information security that includes everything from attacks such as cyber terrorism, leaks inside the company, and spies.

Proportional to the importance of information, companies are now paying huge costs regarding security. More than that, it is said that companies' losses due to hacking and information leaks, etc. average more than 200 million yen per year. Why is this loss of security due to inadequacies inevitable? It is because the existing security system is incomplete and partial. Even companies that manage enterprise security do not have companies that can manage all cyber terrorism, corporate leaks, software bugs, etc. in one company.
In this Jupiter project, we will develop and disseminate a framework that provides comprehensive security including it, while specializing on block chains.

Protection against cyber terrorism
=> AI monitors vulnerabilities within all managed nodes for 24 hours Monitoring Management attack IP address by automatic optimization assignment Attack avoidance system
System creation that prevents internal information leakage
=> Project Leader Information defense system centered on Matsuda studies
Unique defect-free block chain development
=> Smart Contract technology that enhances anonymity and has no hacking risk


To bring the best technology of the company to the world

Financing with ICO

Development and dissemination of the world's largest security framework. We aim to raise about 35 billion yen at ICO.

Acquisition of security company

Establish security backup infrastructure and introduce its own technology.

Security Framework
To develop and spread Jupiter

Utilizing the procured funds, we develop the world leading cyber security technology, and spread to companies at any time.

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